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Divi Blog Module

What’s New in Divi Blog Extras

List and Vertical Grid Layout

More styling options for your Divi blog page to impress readers on their first visit.

Show Manual Post Excerpt

Now, it’s only one click away from displaying custom excerpts for the post.

Order Category Filter

Configure category filter to filter posts based on Date, Name, Slug, ID, or Term Order.

Set Page Load Category

By default, display posts from a specific category when the page loads/opens.

Featured On

Divi blog extras featured

Box Extended Layout

Using this layout of the Divi Blog Extras plugin, you can create blog pages that would put your post’s content in a box and its featured image behind it at a distant space. Creating a 3D box-like structure for both image and the post content to bring modern look & feel.

Grid Extended Layout

This layout adds blog post content side by side to the featured image. Making them an extended list blog layout with large images, post titles, meta elements, and post excerpts. Moreover, you can also apply an overlay effect to the posts’ featured image.

Block Extended Layout

Using this blog layout, you can create blog pages that would display posts in columns. Moreover, show posts on the page with featured images being on different locations. Available image positioning options are Top, Background, and Alternate with image zoom on hover.

Classic Layout

This blog page layout makes your archive page simple as well as distraction-free in all the senses. It displays blog posts in a stacked manner with a wide featured image having the title on the top, and other post elements underneath with custom read more button.

Masonry Layout

The Masonry blog layout of Divi Blog Extras comes in many variations that are Vertical Grid, Grid Extended, and Block Extended. Even with these variations, you also get the option to showcase these blog posts on the archive in up to 4 column structure.

Full Width Layout

This blog layout displays blog posts on the archive page in a list manner with medium-sized featured images and posts’ other elements such as title, meta, and excerpt next to the image with a post date in a beautiful calendar-like appearance.

Full Width Background Layout

Using this blog layout of the Divi Blog Extras plugin, you can create archive pages of fullwidth length featuring images to the entire background space and post content in a little transparent and little opaque box.

Slider Layout

The latest addition to Divi Blog Extras, Slider Layouts, can display multiple posts in Carousel format. Sliders come with 4 unique layouts: Background cover, Vertical Grid, Block Extended, and Grid Extended. Managing so many posts is easier than ever now.

Vertical Grid Layout

This layout is perfect for creating blog pages with a vertical grid design. It shows posts in up to 5 columns with spacing and different elements. For grids with ideal length, it’s the perfect Divi blog layout.

List Layout

Using this layout, you can display posts on the blog page in an impressively content-rich list that includes optimized featured images, titles, meta descriptions, excerpts, and a read more link. Utilize design options to further elevate the look and feel.

..And Many More Exciting Features a Blog Layout Plugin Should Have!

Custom Taxonomy Support

Divi blog extras custom taxonomy support

Sidebar Widget

Divi blog extras sidebar widget

Ajax Pagination

Divi blog extras ajax pagination

Custom Color for Category Tags

Divi blog extras custom color for category tags

Design Beautiful Blogs Now!

Not just an incredible plugin, but Divi Blog Extras is a revolutionary extension to the Divi theme. Once added to the builder, you’ll see new power in your Divi web designing experience. And you’d be able to create blog pages you’ve never seen before!

Remarkably Impressive!

Divi Blog Extras is an exceptional plugin, providing many alternative ways to display posts not only on pages but within blog posts. Adding Divi Blog Extras within our Contributing Writer’s posts and newsletters entices readers to check out past posts.

Mystery Person
Pamela Piquette

The ability to style a blog page layout with Divi Blog Extras created a whole new level of professional clean looking blog pages. All my clients use this plugin and they are happy with how it works. It also comes with a Widget which you can put into the Sidebar or the Footer area.

Divi blog extras review
Joan Margau

Wow. This plugin is exactly what I was looking for. Literally a minute after installing it, I realized its worth and breathed a huge sigh of relief. This single plugin has removed my biggest frustration with Divi (it’s limiting blog module) and saved me countless hours of time. I only wish I had known about it sooner!

Divi blog extras review

This plugin solves one major weakness of Divi: The limited blog module. Divi Blog Extras opens up a range of new blog designs and tweaks. I also like the recent update with a nice widget option displaying the latest posts in the sidebar. This is one of three plugins that I use for all my Divi websites. Extra plus for quick and nice support.

Divi blog extras review

This plugin makes my blog page look awesome! Really loving it. I could never achieve these looks and functionality by writing my own css and code 😉 Thanks!!

Divi blog extras review

DIVI Blog Extras is an excellent product. Functional, stylish, good value and very importantly, robust. Highly recommended.

Divi blog extras review

This plugin has provided great options for displaying the blog uniquely in Divi. The support has been great and they helped me to adjust one of the layouts to be exactly what a client was looking for. So glad I purchased the Extended license! Thanks!

Divi blog extras review

I love the look of this addition and would like to incorporate it into some of my customer’s websites

Judy Macdonald

I recently purchased Divi Blog Extras plugin and I have to say that it is very promising.


We love Divi.. but the blog layouts are not that great. This plugin changed everything. Thank you for an excellent product!


Thanks for your the great is wonderful and just what I was looking for.

Tamara Huth

Awesome plugin, that extends the possibilities from Divi. Plus: the support is great as well!


Love the product and the customer support could not be better. Very pleased

Jeffery Petty

This is a great plugin. The blog layouts look great, it doesn’t seem to slow page loads to any significant degree, and it just works. The one time I needed support the response was quick and the extended license is a great deal. Highly recommend!


Excellent plugin, even better service! Support was responded to within 24 hrs and provided CSS help for the plugin that was exceptional, went through this twice on two different issues, just as great each time!

Greg Koski

Great solution for corporate blog. Many setting options, beautiful look. I look forward to the next updates


A great plugin to supplement the (rather boring and mundane) Divi blog layout. Easy to install, set up, and customize. Lots of options and little (if any) impact on page load times. It just plain works, and looks great while doing so. A definite must have for my Divi arsenal.


It’s been just two days since I ‘ve purchased the Divi blog extras plugin and I’m trying to understand how it works. I received a wonderful support by chat and now I’ll go on with my learning of this interesting plugin for Divi. I’m very grateful.

Pablo Reparaz

DiviExtended plugins works flawlessly. Until now I bought Divi Blog Extras and Divi Blurb Extended. Divi theme still has some limitation regarding the Blog styles (you can change layout and style for Posts in Theme editor, but not for Blog), and Divi Blog Extras is solution which works and looks excellent.